Fei Wu

Fei Wu is currently an master student at Georgia Tech majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Fei is passionate about distributed systems. His research interests includes Fog/Edge Computing, IoT, Interconnection Networks, and container technologies

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Research Experiences

Fei is currently working with Prof. Tushar Krishna and Prof. Kishore Ramachandran on enabling Fog/Edge Computing for geo-distributed situation awareness applications. He has also worked with Prof. Vincent Mooney on Bluetooth MITM Protection in the past.

Personal Side Projects

Web Crawler
Programmed a Web Crawler in C# and .NET framework.
Amazon Deal Finder
Built a Web Application that fetches information of Amazon products and display the top deals on the web page. Designed the software architecture of the system. Programmed the Apache Storm topology that analyzes incoming data of Amazon products and the price tracking module that tracks the price of selected product and sends a text message once the price drops between certain thresholds. The application was built using Python, Flask, Apache Storm, Kafka, Amazon Advertising API and the Twilio API.
SDN adaptive Routing Implemtation
Improved the Bandwidth Allocation. Simulated with Ryu and Mini-net
Bluetooth MITM Protection
Simulated the Bluetooth Man In The Middle Attack.

Contact Info

Personal Email: wufei2011@gmail.com
School Email: wufei@gatech.edu